The 1757 Voices Charter

Southend Youth Council has created a survey to learn what young people in Southend want from their Mental Health and Emotional Well-being support in schools. We recieved 1757 responses and collated these into a report. From this report we created The 1757 Voices Charter to create clear objectives for schools to improve the well-being of pupils.

The introduction to The 1757 Voices Charter reads:

We, the 1757 Southend students who gave our opinions in the SYC Mental Health survey, believe in better Mental Health and Emotional Well-being provision in schools for all Southend pupils. Our views on our personal Mental Health experiences, the available support services and what we think our schools could provide for us have inspired this Charter, which condenses these wishes and gives greater transparency for our aims. Based directly from our survey responses, these Charter terms specify how we feel our schools can ensure every Southend pupil be better supported with their Mental Health and Emotional Well-being in four key areas: by strengthening trust, having better promotion, increasing support and by creating a more open and safe school environment.

Download the charter and supporting notes here

Download the report and The People Scrutiny Committee presentation on the report here

Signup link for the charter

One of our partners, Trust Links, is able to offer Mental Health and Emotional Well-being support to young people. This is how they describe themselves:

Trust Links are a local mental health and wellbeing charity providing supporting to people in Southend and surrounding districts.

With half of all mental health conditions starting before the age of 14, Trust Links have launched a new Youth Group to help young people learn how to take care of their mental health, and provide a place to talk openly about anxiety, exam stress, and other issues many young people in Southend face.

Youth Links meet on a Wednesday night and our young members have a safe space to talk, and relax. They enjoy lively debates, cooking, music, and have support from trained staff too. One member told us "talking to others who understand, really helps."

We want to boost wellbeing amongst our younger generation and help them to develop healthier coping strategies, and we want to break down the stigma attached to mental health too so that anyone experiencing a tough time can talk openly and honestly about their problems.

To find out more about what we offer, or to work with us on spreading a positive message to young people in Southend, call 01702 213134.

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