Skills Conference

On the Monday 19th March, Southend Youth Council is holding a Skills for Life conference, based on the responses from Southend’s young people in the “Make Your Mark” ballot and the goals of UKYP’s “Curriculum for Life” campaign. The event will be held at the Civic Centre, on Victoria Avenue, Southend and will run from midday to 7pm, with representatives from different organisations, talking about topics from university finance to sexual health. Any secondary student, in year 9 and above, is welcome to attend.

There are two afternoon sessions, which are open to schools to book in blocks: 12-2.15pm and 2.15-4.30pm. The evening session, 4.30 – 7pm, will be open for local young people to attend independently or with their parents. For more information, or to book, visit

Youth Art Exhibition

Between Saturday 10th and Saturday 17th February, Southend Youth Council hosted the youth art exhibition "Metamorphose" at the Focal Point Gallery in conjuction with FPG's Young Artists' Clubs. Youth Mayor Maise Riley writes:

I wanted to put on the art exhibition because I saw the decline in art subjects in school and the pushing of STEM subjects in their place. Although I was lucky enough to go to a secondary school whose art department thrived, many other young people aren’t that lucky. By giving them the opportunity to showcase their work we can appreciate young people’s talent and hard work.

The aim of ‘Metamorphose’ for me personally was being able to make young people feel celebrated and give them pride in their work- its all too easy to fill up sketchbooks and never show people your work. I think the exhibition has achieved that and I’m incredibly proud and grateful for the Focal Point Gallery, firstly for responding to my emails in the first place and secondly for giving us the opportunity to put on this exhibition. All artists have got to start somewhere, and I really hope this exhibition has helped people on their way to becoming more confident in their art.

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